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You accept this agreement: Terms and Conditions, is the agreement between you and the company in relation to "CALFRE .COM", "Intellectual Property Rights" and copyright of information and the Personal Data which is most important and meaning which are particularly mentioned in the Companies Act 1956 and Protection Act 1998.

"Profile Information" means the information provided by a Client to the company including name, mail address, current role and location.

The terms and conditions in a particular section of the company apply to all the content contributed to company in any of its various services and forums. You should truthfully declare that the content being contributed by you is your creation and that you own the copyright of the content. Unless you have intentionally consigned the copyright to someone else, you automatically own the copyright to all of your original creations.You truthfully declare you have not infringed on anybody else's copyright in the creation of this article.

CALFRE will not be the responsible or accountable for loss if the visitors to the site disrupt your copyright and dispense your copyrighted content without your permission. If you grant to the company a special unlimited Internet distribution rights and electronic distribution rights, and non-exclusive, unlimited print publication and distribution rights either through company own or through other media. And also you may publish the content or you can contribute to company, on your personal, non-commercial website if you possess one.

In case of the contributions like digital images of artwork which is published in traditional media such as canvas, so you can also publish digital images of your own artwork on commercial websites that sell art online, this is done only for the purpose of sale.

Once if the content of yours is published and granted, the distribution rights cannot be cancelled. In other words, once your contribution is published on particular company it automatically becomes a permanent part of the publicly-accessible company archives. Though you can also, subject to our approval, update or revise your contributions in the company.

For knowing more about the terms and conditions, the following words and their meanings will give you the complete knowledge about it. These are the words and there following meanings described below:

  1. Registered person/ company: Any person or company enlisted with as a company or individual providing a particular service.
  2. Advertiser: Any person registered with the company, as an Advertiser of any company Service andhe/sheis includedas prospective advertiser.
  3. Confidential Information: Which means all and any information disclosed to the person registered by the company, if the person has to access any such information he/she has to come into to the possession during the period of these Terms. The Confidential information which includes like the database of the company, names and addresses and also other directory information compiled by the company at significant cost and effort, the method of categorizing of directory data adopted by the company, the personal information of Advertiser, non-public personal / business data and information including but not limited to credit card information of the Advertisers, user IDs and passwords made available to the registered person/ company by the company to access the proprietary software of the company.
  4. Membership Number: For every registered person/ company a unique number is allocated by the company in which shall be quoted in all correspondence with the company.
  5. Data Base Collection Scheme: which means a for every company there will be particular Scheme, given by the company schedule, in which a registered person/ company can participate to collect Data Base/Data for company as per the terms and conditions given in company Schedule
  6. Services: Which means the services which will be provided by the company in the nature of business listing in various media this includes but not limited to telephone, Internet / Web, print, mobile and WAP.
  7. Subscription contract: means the terms and conditions implemented by the Advertiser pursuant to which the Services of company are subscribed by the Advertiser.
  8. Appointment: According to the terms and conditions of the company hereby list theregistered person/ company has for the purpose of marketing and sale of its Services.
  9. Registration Process: For registering with any type of company for listing, You will have to fill details such as name, address, telephone number, PAN number etc. as mentioned on the “JOIN NOW” link available on Media of web page. On filling the details and accepting the Terms, You shall have to remit money according to the company standards plus Service Tax through various payment modes available with that company. Once the remitting is done to the company, your account shall be temporarily activated and your registration details will be sent to your email id.
  10. Exclusivity: The enrollment of the companies for listing is based on exclusive basis. The registered person/ company shall not represent or be appointed or employed by any other person in respect of any activity identical with or similar to the Services of company.
  11. Marketing of Services: means that the registered person/ company shall market the Services and enlist advertisements, for the plans as instructed by company, throughout India in any or all media in which the Services are offered, unless company instructs the registered person/ company otherwise. If any new services the company will intimate the registered person/ company time to time about new services in respect of which the registered person/ company shall fulfill its sales and marketing responsibilities. Unless indicated in writing by company to the contrary, these Terms shall govern the terms and conditions of the registered person/ company enrolment as registered person/ company for Services.
  12. Registered person/ company Responsibilities: The registered person/ company shall discharge the following responsibilities with complete skill and diligence. The registered person/ company should work diligently to protect and promote the interests of company. And also the registered person/ companycan do diligently market and procure orders for subscription of Services.
  13. Promotional activities: Which means registered person/ companyshall display and use company trademarks and any other publicity material in accordance with the specifications and instructions given by company. The registered person/ companyalso as opportunity to make active efforts to promote the Services of the company. Any such promotion/advertisement should have the prior written approval of company. And moreover the seller is solely responsible for his own cost for obtaining all necessary approvals, sanctions, permissions and licenses for providing the Service, under these Terms, from Municipal, Local or Government Authority or any other Authority/party as may be required from time to time.Registered person/ company should always quote the registered person/ company Membership Number while submitting the Subscription Contract to company, on all invoices, and in all other correspondence with company.
  14. Confidentiality: The confidential information possessed by the registered person/ company should be retained as confidential. The Confidential Information possessed by them shall be retained as confidential and may be disclosed to registered person/ company’s staff and personnel on need-to-know basis further, the registered person/ company shall not sell or otherwise misuse Advertiser Information, or utilize it in any manner or for any purpose other than for company benefit. The registered person/ company also agree that it shall obtain the same kind of undertaking from their employees for non-disclosure of all such Advertiser information.
  15. Responsibility for payment of wages: registered person/ company are responsible for paying the wages and other statutory benefits for the compliance of all laws and regulations as applicable in relation to such employees and personnel and there should not be any direct or indirect claim of any kind against company. And also for the residual Responsibility the registered person/ company should carry out all directions and instructions as the company may issue from time to time.
  16. Content: This means that the registered person/ companyshall not have any web page, such way that in any way resembles to the company web page and shall not copy any content from company web page. And more over the registered person/ company website should not contain any words, images, icons, graphic design, color scheme, logo, layout, user interface, presentation, navigation scheme, style or any other such property or a combination thereof which makes the registered person/ company web page deceivingly similar to company web page.
  17. Unauthorized Access: This means registered person/ companyshould not agree directly or indirectly to access, monitor or copy any content or information of company using any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means or any manual process for any purpose and also violate the restrictions in any robot exclusion headers on company or bypass or circumvent other measures employed to prevent or limit access to company.
  18. Registered person/ company shall be exclusivelyaccountable for the all the costs related to registrations, licenses and other costs related to acquiescence directions / orders, guidelines / formalities issued by Dot and Telecom Service Providers related to the responsibility and also they areaccountable for the payment of penalties, charges and recompenses imposed by DoT, Service Provider or any competent specialist or courts for noncompliance of the said directions / orders, guidelines / formalities and shall have no alternative against the company for the same.
  19. Registered person/ company shall be exclusively liable for all acts and errors of registered person/ company personnel, whether employees, consultants, agents, subcontractors, by the registered person/ company in violation of these Terms.
  20. Completion of Documentation: The registered person/ company are responsible to make convinced that the arranged documentation is duly completed in all respects and any arranged contract is performed. The registered person/ company shall not be qualified for commission on any contribution wherein the registered person/ company has not obtained duly completed forms and the necessary documentation outlined above, even if company opts to supply the Services to the Advertiser.
  21. Company Discretion: The registered person/ companyshould understand and agree that the company has the only discretion to provide Services to Advertise and has the liberty to refuse any application for subscription forwarded by the registered person/ company. The registered person/ company shall not be eligible for Commission in respect of rejected applications.
  22. Registration Fee: Subsequently or simultaneously with the implementation of these Terms, the registered person/ company should pay a one-time non-refundable registration fee plus Service TaxOr charges that are applicable for the listing obtained, as per the packages obtained from the company.
  23. All payments of the company to the registered person/ company shall be subject to deduction of taxes at source or other applicable taxes and charges. Payments to registered person/ company are inclusive of all taxes, duties and charges, except service tax if applicable to the registered person/ company, which shall be paid by company on invoice raised by them.
  24. In the period of termination of Subscription contract, either by company or by Advertiser, at any time after the date of execution of Subscription contract and payment of subscription to company Services, no consideration shall be payable by the company side to the registered person/ company in respect of such cancelled Subscription Contract and the Consideration already paid shall be deducted from the registered person/ company account at the time of next payment.
  25. The company has the right to be entitled to set off any Commission payable to the registered person/ company against any claim or liability that company may have against the registered person/ company.
  26. Restrictions on registered person/ company:The registered person/ company should not, solicit Advertisers for identical or similar Services of the company Services, and also should not directly or indirectly, including through their Affiliates or employees, render services to any person who conduct a business or carry out business similar to the business of same company this is within theduring the term of these Terms and for two (02) years thereafter, in India or outside India.
  27. No representations: Theregistered person/ company or their employees should not give any warranty to advertiser in respect of any of company services without the written confirmation from the authority of the company.
  28. Confidentiality of personal / business data: The registered person/ companyundertake to keep the ‘Confidential Information’ confidential so that he should not disclose the same to third parties or make misuse of them.
  29. CALFRE.COM is accepting videos from the other institutions to our YouTube channel Named CALFRE.COM, and We are not responsible for the content and statements in those videos